Skin-Your largest Organ

LipstickWhat you put on your body, is equally as important as what you put in your body. Your skin is your largest organ, and if it remains intact, it acts as a barrier and is the first line of defense against bacteria getting inside. But we need to think of it as a sponge, as well. It is porous, so what you put on your skin is quickly absorbed into your entire system.Some of the worst culprits are antiperspirants-particularly the ones that contain aluminum chlorohydrate. Aluminum is one of the few substances that can cross the body’s natural defense system, the blood-brain barrier. Next, is soap, hair shampoo and conditioners. They are loaded with toxic chemicals! And you use them primarily when the water is hot and therefore your pores are wide open. Let’s not forget toothpaste and mouthwash.  Children are known to swallow and  even eat toothpaste, because it is sweet. And last but not least, cosmetics. Lipstick is the most toxic cosmetic product, hands down. According to a report in Glamour magazine, the average woman swallows four to nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime! There is a great site that can tell you what chemicals are in your product and what they can do to you. It is I encourage you all to visit there. There is also a wonderful company Essante Worldwide, that carries all of the above and  have triple organic certifications. You can visit there at


About daveagi

Dave has been in the health food industry for over 20 years and bodybuilding for 30 years. I (Agi), have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and former ballet dancer. We are both presently, Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic. Our passions lie with GOD first, then teaching and helping others to become healthy through proper organic eating and a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to share our combined years of knowledge and experience in these areas to help others achieve optimum health.
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