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Nutritionally speaking, soda is one of the main reasons why many people suffer health problems. There is a strong link between soda consumption and childhood obesity. And of course, the direct link between tooth decay and soft drinks. Not only does the sugar contribute to this, but also the acids in soda, which are notorious for etching tooth enamel, thereby increasing susceptibility to decay. Acid begins to dissolve enamel in as little as 20 minutes.Soda can also cause caffeine dependence in children. In an 8 ounce cup of coffee, there is about 120mg of caffeine. In a 12 ounce can of soda, there is 35-38mg of caffeine. A little known fact is that most diet colas have not only unhealthy sugar substitutes, but also added caffeine. A 12 ounce can of diet coke contains 42mg of caffeine, while diet pepsi contains 56mg of caffeine.  Childhood and adolescence are the peak years in which  bone building in the body occurs. Phosphoric acid is a common ingredient in sodas and depletes bones of calcium. Also the phosphates added to many foods contributes to this calcium depletion and ultimate increase in osteoporosis in later years. Instead of soda, we need to learn to drink pure water. An ideal amount is 1 quart daily per 50 lbs. of weight. (that comes to four, 8 ounce glasses per 50 lbs of weight)


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Dave has been in the health food industry for over 20 years and bodybuilding for 30 years. I (Agi), have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and former ballet dancer. We are both presently, Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic. Our passions lie with GOD first, then teaching and helping others to become healthy through proper organic eating and a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to share our combined years of knowledge and experience in these areas to help others achieve optimum health.
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