Probiotic Chèvre made with Kefir

Image by luxomedia via Flickr

Until Dave and I recently started consuming large amounts of Beyond Organic fermented and cultured foods and beverages, we took daily probiotics. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that naturally live in your intestines. The ideal ratio between bacteria in your gut is 85% “good” and 15% “bad”. Maintaining this optimal ratio is essential for good health. Once again, our culture is severely deficient in this, due to dietary habits. 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system, making a healthy gut a major focal point for optimal health.Your “gut”, is also your second brain, as it originates from the same type of tissue. During fetal development, one part turns into your central nervous system and the other your enteric system. These are connected by the vagus nerve which runs from your brain to your abdomen. Thus, when you have a “gut feeling” about something, it is directly related to your brain, as both the gut and brain work together. Your intestinal health can have a profound effect on your mental and brain function. Beneficial bacteria can prevent allergic inflammation and food allergies. The best way to optimize this beneficial bacteria is through proper diet. Sugars “feed” bad bacteria, while cultured and fermented foods increase , good bacteria. Taking daily probiotic supplementation helps to provide this ideal ratio of good and bad bacteria. Once you are eating the “right foods”, you can maintain a healthy balance without the added supplementation. I would like to mention the importance of taking additional probiotic supplementation, when placed on “antibiotics”. You see, the good bacteria is being destroyed as well as the bad, which the antibiotic was intended for. That is why many people so often have diarrhea and  yeast infections, when placed on a course of anitbiotics.


About daveagi

Dave has been in the health food industry for over 20 years and bodybuilding for 30 years. I (Agi), have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and former ballet dancer. We are both presently, Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic. Our passions lie with GOD first, then teaching and helping others to become healthy through proper organic eating and a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to share our combined years of knowledge and experience in these areas to help others achieve optimum health.
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