Organic vs conventional part 2

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We spoke briefly about the types of produce that we should always buy as organic. Now, to expound upon that.  Berries are heavily sprayed and absorb more of the chemicals during production. The same is true for lettuce, spinach and celery. Mushrooms are highly absorbent and conventional growing uses powerful fungicides to keep stray species from invading. Conventional potatoes, yams, carrots, onions and other root crops are sprayed with fungicides as well as pesticides and the part you eat grow in direct contact with the chemicals. Those pretty shiny apples have a wax coating that locks in the pesticides, making it difficult to wash off. A word about coffee- Dave and I are serious coffee lovers. This is one of the most highly sprayed crops and  the hot water brewing concentrates the residual pesticides, while extracting the beneficial parts. Prior to switching to organic coffee, I suffered a lot of abdominal discomfort -now it doesn’t matter how much I drink, I have no problems. Many of my friends that made the switch, found the same to be true for them. Remember, change does not happen overnight and it does not come easily. But if you want it badly enough, it will happen and we are here to help you any way we can.


About daveagi

Dave has been in the health food industry for over 20 years and bodybuilding for 30 years. I (Agi), have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and former ballet dancer. We are both presently, Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic. Our passions lie with GOD first, then teaching and helping others to become healthy through proper organic eating and a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to share our combined years of knowledge and experience in these areas to help others achieve optimum health.
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