Poisons in conventional foods

After WWII, there was a surplus of chemicals left over and chemical plants were running at full speed. They easily made their shift to farmers, promising them greater crop yields, by pesticides. And as we know, the bugs and weeds have become increasingly immune so they are ever changing the pesticides to “something new and improved”,

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which equals increasingly toxic to us as well. As a result of conventional diets, one would have an average of 500 man made chemicals circulating in their bloodstream. Children are at particular risk because they are smaller and have developing metabolic systems.  Are “they” seriously trying to tell us that this has no impact on our present health crisis?


About daveagi

Dave has been in the health food industry for over 20 years and bodybuilding for 30 years. I (Agi), have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and former ballet dancer. We are both presently, Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic. Our passions lie with GOD first, then teaching and helping others to become healthy through proper organic eating and a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to share our combined years of knowledge and experience in these areas to help others achieve optimum health.
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2 Responses to Poisons in conventional foods

  1. Tammy says:

    I find this article particularly fascinating because I have never really thought about what goes on top of the ground ending up in our drinking water. And interesting about the children and how pesticides can effect them. Now I will look for a more natural way to fertilize my lawn or I may not even worry about having the best lawn.

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